Safety and Security

Providing a Peace of Mind through integration technology for Residential or Commercial sectors to help increase physical security

• Intrusion Detection
With the fast pace that modern life brings you, now more than ever, your home is a refuge from it all. There is no place like it and at the heart of a home is you family. You want to do everything you can do to keep your family safe and secure. The Intrusion Detection Systems can guard your family and your valuables when you are home or away.

• Access Control System
The traditional lock and key system that has been used for ages to provide basic protection. The Access Control System can not only provide the basic of keeping the doors locked but it can track who has been in and when. Perfect solution to control access to certain rooms at your home or the office.

• Surveillance System
In this day and age where the world revolves at a fast pace, mishaps do happen. The CCTV system help you have a peace of mind by allowing you to have an extra pair of watchful eye monitoring and recording your home, office, valuables and loved ones.

• Wireless Smoke and Heat Detection System
Wireless smoke and heat controller with wireless controller certified by SCDF provides early warning of a fire by sounding an alarm to alert the occupants.
A smoke detector is more effective in providing early warning of fire compared to a heat detector. It is therefore recommended for the primary protection of homes.

• Public Address System and Background Music System
PAs Are the Best Mass Immediate Notification Systems in Emergencies. The system allows automatic messages to be announce in Emergencies situation.Select your favourite track list to be played in the background for whole premises or selected areas.

• Barrier and Gate Automation System
Bring the gate of your home or office to the 21st century with the Automated Gates and Barriers. Why Automatic barriers and gates? There are just so many benefits from installing them, have a peace of mind knowing the your barrier or gate is locked after you have entered or left. Everyone who owns a home or a building with a drive should strongly consider installing either automatic barriers or gates. Improve your security and the safety of your home and office.